Our Values

1. The Bible is God's supreme authoritative word, preached, taught, and followed at MBC.

MBC is a place where we value the Bible as God’s supreme authoritative word because it reflects who God is, shapes us into Christlikeness as believers in God and, is being preached and taught as the highest authority on all matters of life at MBC.

2. The Cross --- Pointing people to the death and resurrection of Jesus

MBC is a place where we value the cross – that Jesus Christ our saviour died on the cross because of our sins, God raised him up on the third day, ascended to heaven, and sat on the right hand of the father. This is the central truth of our Christian faith: Jesus defeated the grave, conquered our sins, set us free, and offered us the gift of eternal life.

3. Meeting for singing, prayer, the Word, teaching and fellowship

MBC is a place where we value meeting together as part of God’s family, singing in one accord, lifting up our requests in prayer, studying the word, and sharing with fellow believers to receive or give encouragement. We value meeting together before the Lord because it helps us to grow and mature in our life with Christ and with fellow believers.

4. Welcoming, Warm, and Hospitable, Demonstrating grace to all.

MBC is a place where being welcoming, warm, hospitable, and demonstrating grace to all are held in high regard. We value these elements because we have a desire to show love to all and to show acceptance to everyone just as Christ loved and accepted us when we were yet sinners.  

5. Praying individually and together for each other and our world

MBC is a place where praying individually and together for each other, the community, and the world is important. We value the power of prayer and believe that it draws us into closer relationship with God as we humbly place our pleas before Him.

6. Every Member Ministry - serving with your gifts across Christ's Body

MBC is a place where we value using our God-given gifts to build up and edify the Church and to glorify God, through serving those around us across the body of Jesus Christ. We value using our God-given gifts through every member ministry to glorify God.

7. Evangelistic, with a focus on making disciples and supporting local mission

MBC is a place where we love sharing the gospel with others, helping others grow in their faith as followers of Jesus and seeking to engage the Molonglo and nearby areas with Christ’s love. We value these elements of the MBC culture because of our love towards those who do not know Christ.

8. Caring for those within the church and meeting the needs of those within the broader community

MBC is a place where we value caring for the body of believers as well as meeting the needs of people in the broader community. We value and demonstrate this caring nature because of our love for God, for people in our Church and for our fellow neighbors within our community.

9. Family focused

MBC is a place where we put a strong emphasis on being like a family, that is, the family of Christ. This is extended to the families within our community. We value the family because we know it reflects God’s heart to be family oriented.

10. Insider-oriented church services whilst helping the outsider engage in Christian-oriented church services.

MBC is a place where we value bible-oriented church services and also seek to be inclusive by helping people to have a sense of belonging and being able to engage with our services.