Our Vision and Mission
is to...

Build The Body Of Christ

MBC is a place where the people of God are built up in the faith and where their spiritual gifts are used to benefit the Church. We build because Jesus builds his church and is the head of His Church.

Construction Managers
Reach & Engage People With The Gospel

MBC is a place where the members reach out to the lost and engage with our local community to share the love and Good News of Christ. We reach out and engage because Jesus reaches out to save.

Hand Reaching Out

Care and Love

MBC is a place where we not only care for and love those inside the church but the broader community around us. We care and love because Jesus cares for us and loves us.

Holding Hands
Support Group

Make Disciples Of Jesus

MBC is a place where we intentionally make disciples of all nations under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We make disciples because Jesus makes us His disciples.

Our Vision is to be: 

a growing Bible-based community of believers, who are discipled and are a beacon of light upholding and spreading the Word of God to the Molonglo Valley and beyond.