Bible talks

Matthew – The Rule of Heaven

From Christmas to Easter we are looking at the life of the Lord Jesus from his birth to his death and resurrection.Hope you can join us as we learn God’s Word alongside one another.

Matthew 2

The magi – the first to come to the kingdom (25-Dec)

Matthew 4

The temptation of Jesus, the Son of God (14-Jan)

Matthew 5

The Sermon on the Mount – The whole-hearted people and the law (21-Jan)

Matthew 6

The Sermon on the Mount – The whole-hearted people and how you worship  (28-Jan)

Matthew 6-7

The Sermon on the Mount – The whole-hearted people and trusting one’s Father (04-Feb)

Genesis – The Beginning of God’s Salvation Plan

I really enjoyed sharing Genesis with God’s people at Molonglo. I was encouraged within myself because although Genesis is mostly stories we are familiar with, I personally learnt a lot in my preparation for these talks – isn’t it good that God keeps teaching us more and more of his word!  We spent a bit of time making connections between the different parts of Genesis, tracing themes and also linking in with our previous series on Ephesians. My favourite passage was the last one on Judah and Tamar (listen to that one if you just want one talk). I apologise for having a cold in the first Jacob talk. I hope these talks are of some benefit. Thank you MBC for the privilege of sharing them with you.

Genesis 1-3

Creation, Eden and the Fall (15-Oct)

Genesis 4-9

Cain and Noah’s Flood (22-Oct)

Genesis 11-12

The Tower of Babel (29-Oct)

Genesis 13-14, 18-19

Lot and the Cities (5-Nov)

Genesis 15-17

Abraham and the Covenant (12-Nov)

Genesis 20-25

Abraham offers his sons (19-Nov)

Genesis 25-31

Jacob (26-Nov)

Genesis 32

Jacob’s limp (3-Dec)

Genesis 37-50 – Joseph

The Sovereignty of God (10-Dec)

Genesis 37-50 – Judah and Tamar

An Old Testament Nativity (17-Dec)


(3-Sep)  Ephesians : Andrew Groves

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